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You – Have No Power

Tim Keller |  February 24, 2008

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  • The Church (Unity, Fellowship, Leadership)
John 18:33-38; 19:8-11
RS 201-2

John 18:33–38; 19:8–11

When Jesus and Pontius Pilate meet, it shows a conflict between God’s authority and human political control. Jesus says his kingdom isn’t based on worldly things. This makes us think about how we see Him and understand that God rules everything, but we’re still responsible for our actions. It also shows how Christianity and politics interact, reminding us of the limits, difficulties, and potential of power.

1. The limits of political power

Jesus told Pilate that his kingdom isn’t tied to politics or violence. While people sometimes think Christianity is about political power, it’s really about influencing society by changing how we understand truth. The early church showed this, creating a new culture of kindness, hope, and support. This proves that Christianity’s true strength is in changing thoughts and beliefs, not in leading politics.

2. The problem of political power

Looking at Jesus’ conversation with Pilate, we see how people often value power more than truth. Václav Havel talked about this in his speech on the dangers of political power, warning us that if we only focus on ourselves, we can misuse power. Real change happens when we use power to help and serve others, not to make ourselves feel important.

3. The transformation of power

Jesus showed us the true meaning of power by sacrificing himself and demonstrating God’s love for us. Christianity nudges us towards political involvement, but with a focus on using power selflessly, just like Jesus did. Even though power can be misused, Christians can make a difference in the world by serving, loving, and giving up power, knowing that God can make any situation better.



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