Advent Day 24: Joy – Gospel in Life


Advent Day 24: Joy


READ Matthew 25:1–46
Jesus tells three parables about the coming kingdom of heaven, when the Son of Man returns in his glory.

After reading these parables, people have asked whether it means that we will be judged on our works, rather than on our faith. Absolutely not! That would contradict every other teaching of the Bible. No, rather our works display outwardly what we believe inwardly. It is worthless to wave your born-again certificate in front of Jesus, showing the doctrines to which you have assented, without a life that has been changed and motivated by those beliefs. You may think, and even say, that you believe that you have been forgiven, but if you don’t forgive others, then the reality of God’s forgiveness offered to you has never changed you. You may say you are grateful for the blessings God has given you, but if you don’t care for and serve the needs of others, where is the proof of those inner feelings?

Oh dearest Jesus, make me like yourself, one who lived a life of servanthood to others. Let my faith propel me into the world to do your work and be your witness.

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