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The Greatness of Jesus

Tim Keller |  September 29, 1996

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  • God the Father
Matthew 11:18-27
RS 72-4


Western civilization is filled with people just like John the Baptist. They were raised up into a general supportiveness for Jesus. But now that they’ve grown, now that they’ve seen life and had a few hard knocks, they start to question. They say, “How do we know you’re really the One you say you are?” In Matthew 11, we have Jesus’ answer.

When we get to verse 27, we have perhaps the most astounding claim any human being has ever made about his own greatness. But Jesus does not ever just say, “Here’s who I am.” Jesus doesn’t just tell you who he is. He tells us how to use the greatness of his claims on ourselves.

Like a good surgeon, Jesus gives you two things to do. He tells you to take this truth and 1) let it knock you out of the deadly spiritual middle, and 2) use it to make yourself a little child spiritually.

Matthew 11:18–27

Jesus talks to John the Baptist who is having doubts and dealing with criticism, just like Jesus himself. He calls out cities that saw his amazing acts but didn’t change their ways. Jesus praises those who are humble for truly getting what he’s teaching, and talks about his special connection to God, his Father. This story highlights the challenge of doubt, the need for big life changes, the importance of turning to Jesus for heavenly wisdom, and the need to be as humble as children when embracing his teachings.



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