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Arguing With Jesus

Tim Keller | July 1, 2001 - August 26, 2001


Arguing About the Afterlife

Tim Keller
Jul 01, 2001
Scripture: Matthew 22:23-33
Topics: Death, God the Father, Heaven and Hell
Duration: 41:48

Arguing About Morality

Tim Keller
Jul 08, 2001
Scripture: Mark 12:28-34
Topic: Repentance
Duration: 45

Arguing About Politics

Tim Keller
Jul 15, 2001
Scripture: Mark 12:13-17
Topic: Doctrine
Duration: 45:06

Arguing About Predestination

Tim Keller
Aug 19, 2001
Scripture: John 6:41-48
Topic: Doctrine
Duration: 43:30

The Ultimate Argument

Tim Keller
Aug 26, 2001
Scripture: Matthew 11:2-6; 22:41-46
Topics: The Bible, Understanding the Gospel
Duration: 40:57

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Reading Galatians Can Change Your Life!

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