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Lord of All

Tim Keller |  September 9, 1990

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Ephesians 3:20-4:1
RS 213-01

Ephesians 3:20–4:1

Picture Jesus as the head of everything in your life, like the owner of a house. He wants to be in every room, not just where there are problems. This might feel uncomfortable because He will ask hard questions and challenge you. But it’s important to let Jesus into every part of your life, just as the book of Ephesians teaches us. This helps us understand what the kingdom of God means in Christianity.

1. What does a Christian live for?

Living for Christ means wanting God’s kingdom to touch every part of our lives and the world. We naturally want a leader, which is why we have leaders in society. This idea comes from Christianity and is why we have democracy, which helps control our selfishness. But our souls want more than democracy; they want God’s kingdom. Our job is to spread this kingdom.

2. What the heck is the kingdom of God?

The kingdom of God is about God making the world new again, with Jesus as the king. Under His rule, there’s unity, and everything, including nature and our lives, blossoms. To be the best we can be, to be glorious beings, we need to give ourselves completely to Jesus.

3. What are those forces?

The power of the kingdom comes from God’s Word and the Spirit. These can change and heal us when we interact with God’s Word and listen to His Spirit. This power isn’t just for personal healing but also for changing society when people and organizations let Christ lead. It can be hard to follow Christ, but letting Him lead can turn our personal mess into a beautiful order that affects everything. This should lead us to pray for His kingdom’s power in our lives and communities.



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