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Why They Glorified God

Tim Keller |  October 12, 1997

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  • Glorification
Galatians 1:10-24
RS 288-04


We’re looking at Paul’s letter to the Galatians, and the thing I hope will strike you is the radical objectivity and subjectivity of Christianity. Almost everybody tends to see the objective and subjective as being at loggerheads. Christianity will not let you make that choice. It says Christianity is radically both. They’re joined in the gospel.

If you take a look at the passage, it may be better here than anywhere. You can see them together. First of all, we see the hard objectivity. We won’t spend as much time on that because this is a continuation of where we were last week. First of all, we see the hard objectivity and the deep subjectivity. You’re really not a Christian unless you accept both, unless you embrace both, unless you really see both.

Galatians 1:8–24

Galatians teaches us that Christianity is about both knowing the truth and experiencing it. This means we need to understand the facts about Jesus, but also let His love and grace change our lives. Jesus is the ultimate example – He is the truth and the way, showing us that the gospel isn’t just a powerful message, but the power of God in action. So, real Christianity is about both knowing the truth about Jesus and experiencing His life-changing power.

1. The hard objectivity

Paul tells us that our faith is based on what God has revealed to us, not what we feel or what people tell us. This means Christianity isn’t about following human leaders or our feelings, but about following Jesus who came to us directly from God. What makes Christianity unique is that it’s rooted in the historical event of Jesus’ resurrection. This proves that our faith isn’t just a belief system, but based on real events.

2. The deep subjectivity

While the facts about Jesus are important, Christianity also involves personal change. This means that we need to experience God’s grace and let it transform us. Christianity isn’t something we choose, but something that happens to us – God reaches out to us and changes us. Sometimes this change comes through hard experiences, but these are used by God for a good purpose. The real proof of this change is a deep relationship with God, becoming a kinder and humbler person, and treating others with love and respect.



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