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Ask Him!

Tim Keller |  July 11, 1999

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  • Prayer & Meditation
Luke 10:38-11:13
RS 105-05

Luke 10:38–11:13

Our sermon today focuses on the story of Mary and Martha from Luke 10:38-11:13. It’s followed by Jesus’ teachings on prayer, reminding us to make smart decisions. The Lord’s Prayer and the stories that follow help us deal with the issues that Mary and Martha faced. They remind us that prayer is essential, and that we should seek God’s daily provision.

1. The problem

Martha is a lot like many successful people today – ambitious and hardworking. But despite her success, she’s struggling with her own personal problems. She feels alone, stressed, and is having a hard time balancing her goals. She’s too sure that she can control everything in her life, and doesn’t realize her own worth. This leads to her inner turmoil and conflict.

2. The cure

Jesus’ conversation with Martha shows us that prayer is a way to deal with our worries. When we pray, we should be bold but also humble. We can ask for great things but we should focus more on God’s glory and kingdom than on our own needs. It’s important to remember that God might not always give us what we want, but what we need. And we should avoid trying to earn God’s love or blessings.

3. How we get the cure

The gospel message asks us to change, and the Holy Spirit helps us understand that we are God’s children. It teaches us how to balance being bold and humble in our relationship with God, like a child with their parent. It encourages us to be honest and humble in prayer. It shows us the difference between the gospel and religion, and reminds us to be in awe of God’s holiness, while also knowing that we are loved by Him because of the gospel.




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