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Blueprint for Revival; Introduction (Part 2)

Tim Keller |  August 5, 1990

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  • The Church (Unity, Fellowship, Leadership)
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Worship
Acts 2:37-47
RS 212-03


Five key components – vibrant worship, doctrinal teaching, theological depth, devoted fellowship, and evangelism – can keep a church balanced and healthy, ready for revival. Accompanied by prayer, these characteristics sustain the church as a living body, rather than just an organization.

Acts 2:37–47

This talk is about revival, which means making the church stronger and more beautiful with the help of the Holy Spirit. It shows us how Jesus’ love and truth become more powerful in this process. It tells us how important it is to study God’s word, to have fellowship with each other, to tell others about Jesus, to help society, and to plan our church activities well but also be ready for surprises. It ends by saying that a good church is both an organism, which grows naturally, and an organization, which requires careful planning and resources, and should always be ready for the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

1. Worship

Worship can look different for different people. It can be quiet and solemn or lively and joyful. This reflects the many ways God interacts with us. The most important part of worship is the surprise of being in God’s presence, which goes beyond what we might expect. This feeling of being close to God during worship is something everyone can recognize and feel, whether they believe in God or not.

2. Fellowship

During times of revival, the church needs to have a deep love for each other that is so amazing it makes people outside the church amazed. This can be hard in a place like New York City, where people often keep to themselves, but we should try to be like the early church where everyone shared with each other. Even though society often encourages us to be independent, the Holy Spirit can help us to change and become a community that attracts others.

3. Aggressive evangelism

When we see how great God is, we naturally want to tell others about Him. If we don’t talk about God, it might mean we don’t really know Him. A healthy church welcomes new believers, who bring others to faith because they’re excited about God, and mature believers, who help others learn more about God’s word.

4. Compassionate social concern

Historically, revivals like the Great Awakening in England have led to big societal changes, such as the end of slavery. These changes might not happen right away. The gospel’s message of our sin and God’s love can create a powerful change that encourages humility, bravery, and service. A church that balances understanding of grace and law is necessary for spiritual growth and developing a deep and complex faith.



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