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Discipline of Desire (Part 2)

Tim Keller |  January 26, 1997

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  • Prayer & Meditation
Psalm 63
RS 275-02

Understanding Psalm 63

When we dig deep into what it means to know God, we realize how important it is to put Him first. Psalm 63 is a sort of roadmap for this spiritual journey. There are certain key truths that can help us connect more authentically with God, and these truths can both challenge and shape our hearts.

1. The craving principle

Real experiences with God often start with a feeling that God is absent, which is a surprising part of truly discovering Him. This sense of His absence, along with a yearning for God, shows that our relationship with Him is real. It’s both a challenge and a way to grow spiritually. However, sin and everyday distractions can make us lose this spiritual hunger. So, it’s important to feed our souls with truth, consider God’s character, and spend time thinking about what the Bible says. This can give us a deeper, more personal experience of God.

2. Knowledge becomes feeling

Knowing God is about more than just believing in Him. It’s about having a life-changing experience that’s hard to put into words. This deep experience brings a feeling of peace, joy, and understanding of God’s power, control, wisdom, and love, which can help ease our worries. Making time for spiritual peace and joy, especially by seeking and experiencing God’s strength and greatness at the start of the day, can help us find happiness and fulfillment in life.




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