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Everyone with a Gift

Tim Keller |  September 18, 2011

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Romans 12:1-8
RS 332-01


In this passage, Paul offers the essence of the Christian life. If you believe the Christian truth, what does it mean to live the Christian life on the basis of that? This sermon traces through the essence of the Christian life and the power we need to live it.

Romans 12:1–8

Romans 12:1-2 is like a guidebook on how to live as a Christian. It tells us to devote our lives to God and to let Him shape our thoughts and actions. The goal is to promote a sense of unity and service in the church community, where everyone uses their special talents to help each other in the name of Jesus.

1. The essence

Christianity introduces a new kind of sacrifice – a “living sacrifice.” This isn’t like the old animal sacrifices; it’s about showing our gratitude to God and praising Him with our lives. We are called to continuously offer ourselves to God, to replace our own desires with His, a process that might feel like dying to ourselves but actually leads to a truly rewarding life. We are encouraged to follow God’s commands, accept His plans, and enjoy the freedom and genuine worship that comes from living for God.

2. The aspects

Being a living sacrifice means dedicating every part of our life to God. This includes how we see ourselves, which is changed and lifted up by the gospel. It also involves how we work, making sure we treat people fairly even if it means making less money. Also, we should use our unique talents and gifts to serve others and spread the gospel, not just sit back and do nothing.

3. The power

Being a Christian is not just about being a good person; it’s about understanding why we want to be good and having the strength to keep going. This strength comes from a deep joy inside us, not from outside pressures, and it’s inspired by Jesus’ own sacrifice. Trusting in God’s wisdom and goodness allows us to live a renewed life. Responding to Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice with our own lives is not just a reasonable reaction; it’s the only reaction that makes sense.



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