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God Our King

Tim Keller |  October 8, 2000

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Isaiah 40:1-11, 27-31
RS 121-5

Isaiah 40:1–11, 27–31

Isaiah tells us a message of comfort and hope, reminding us to see God in all His complexity and to put our trust in His everlasting power. He talks about a strong figure who will bring big changes, showing us the difference between human leaders and a true king who can fix the world’s problems. The writing suggests that our feelings and values might not always be right, and that there may be a higher power, supporting the belief in a king not of this world who will bring justice back.

2. How is it possible?

When we look at the times Isaiah was living in, we see that God’s justice is something we can’t avoid, and it goes beyond politics. Even though judgment is certain, God promises to save us and to give us double for our sins. This shows the two sides of Jesus Christ: He’s a strong warrior, but also a gentle shepherd. This two-sided nature is also present in salvation, which gives us forgiveness and God’s full acceptance, leading to real obedience and bringing hope to us and the whole world.

3. How should we respond?

When we wait on the Lord, we’re recognizing that He’s the king by following His will, giving up our own wants, and accepting His divine plan. This also means hoping for His healing touch and staying optimistic about His work through us. This kind of waiting gives us new strength and patience, helping us handle any situation in life.



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