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Groaning in the Spirit

Tim Keller |  December 10, 2006

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  • The Holy Spirit
  • Suffering
Romans 8:13-27
RS 194-04

Romans 8:13–27

Believing in Jesus changes us from the inside out, and we notice this change most when we’re going through hard times. Even during happy occasions like Christmas, some of us might feel alone in our troubles. But the book of Romans teaches us three important things: to recognize that suffering is real, to know how to face it, and to trust the tools we have to deal with it. Through these principles, we can find comfort and strength in Jesus, even when life gets tough.

1. The text warns us about suffering

The word ‘groaning’ is used to describe deep distress, like the pain experienced during childbirth or in a dangerous situation. This idea is used for the whole world, showing that everything, including us, is subject to wear and tear. It’s a strong reminder that pain is a part of life, and we need ways to deal with it.

2. The text gives us three tools to deal with suffering

Jesus gives us prayer, a model to follow, and a way of looking at things that can help us handle suffering. We’re introduced to Abba prayer, where we talk to God like a child talks to their parent, showing that God listens and responds to us. The Holy Spirit also helps us pray when we don’t know how to. We learn about how suffering can change us, the importance of being humble, and the idea that our current struggles are minor compared to the great things that are coming.

3. The text assures us that these tools will work

God’s Spirit understands our pain because God became human and experienced suffering. Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross means we’re never alone in our troubles, and our cries are heard by a Father who cares about our deepest needs. Our pain has a purpose, shaping us and leading to a future without evil or suffering. This gives us hope and the promise of victory in the end.



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