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Jacob’s Prayer for Joy

Tim Keller |  October 7, 2007

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  • Prayer & Meditation
Genesis 32:22-31
RS 198-2


Although prayer and spirituality are very popular in our culture, we will see that what the Bible thinks about spirituality and what modern people think about spirituality aren’t necessarily the same things at all.

We are exploring Biblical case studies of people who had authentic and life-changing encounters with God. Today’s message looks at what happened when Jacob encountered God. How do you know that you don’t just believe in God, but that you’ve actually met him? If you meet God, according to this text, 1) You must meet God alone; 2) You must meet God for blessing; and 3) You must meet God at the point of weakness.

Genesis 32:22–31

Meeting God can really change a person, just like it did with Jacob in the Bible. This challenges our modern idea that spiritual growth is always peaceful. Having a personal experience with God is important, even more than just following religious traditions or what your community believes. God is the one who truly approves of us and blesses us. Understanding God’s kindness and finding happiness in His presence are vital for growing spiritually.




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