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Jesus’ Model of Spirituality

Tim Keller |  May 9, 1999

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  • Prayer & Meditation
Matthew 6:5-13
RS 102-08

Matthew 6:5–13

Prayer isn’t just a routine, but it’s a deep connection to who we are inside and how we engage with what the world needs. Jesus warns us about pretending to be spiritual, like praying just to be seen or repeating words without thinking. Instead, he gives us the Lord’s Prayer as an example. If we pray as Jesus taught, it can change our lives in amazing ways.

1. Wrong ideas about spirituality

Jesus warns us about religious prayers that are showy or just about fitting in. He values honest, private talks with God. He also talks about prayer that comes straight from the heart, not just from religious tradition or personal growth ideas. But Jesus offers us a different example, shown in the Lord’s Prayer.

2. Jesus’ idea of spirituality

Prayer is a way to grow our friendship with God and acknowledge Him as our Lord, because we are His children. It’s important to focus on a personal relationship with Jesus, wanting His presence more than anything else, and wanting what He wants. Knowing God as our Lord, having a deep friendship with Jesus, and accepting God as our Father through Jesus are the keys to healing our hearts, receiving blessings, and living a prayer-filled life.




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