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Knowing God

Tim Keller |  September 25, 1994

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  • Prayer & Meditation
1 John 1:1-4
RS 257-03

1 John 1:3

When we look at the first letter of John, specifically verse 3, we find a deep idea: being friends with God, or “koinonia” in Greek, meaning to share life together. We’ll dive into what it means to be friends with God and why it’s so important. Ultimately, we’re trying to understand what it means to share life with God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

1. Why being friends with God matters

The core of the gospel is about having a real and personal friendship with God, not just knowing about Him. Jesus’s purpose was to make it possible for us to really know God in a way that’s more meaningful than anything else in the world and makes our lives truly fulfilling. It’s not enough to just know about God. It has to change our lives and our relationship with Him, which is why things like prayer and worship are so crucial in our spiritual journey.

2. What being friends with God looks like

Being friends with God means having a deep connection with Him. It’s not about becoming God, but about letting His character shape ours while still being ourselves. This kind of relationship changes how we think and what we care about, gives us a better understanding of right and wrong, and helps us feel more deeply. It involves wanting to know God without expecting anything in return, praying without an agenda, and sharing the ups and downs of life with Him. It’s a friendship that grows as we read and reflect on His Word, helping us understand His love more deeply and feel His presence in our lives.




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