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Moses and the Glory of God

Tim Keller |  August 13, 1995

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  • Glorification
Exodus 33:15-23
RS 264-11

Exodus 33:15–23

When Moses talked to God in Exodus, he showed us how much the Israelites needed God’s presence to stand out from other nations. One special part is where Moses gets to see God’s back but not His face. This tells us a lot about how we can experience a deep change in our spiritual lives, called a revival, and how to prepare for it. It’s like a map for those who are feeling distant from God, leading them to a revival.

1. How revival is possible

Revival, in Christian terms, is a deep, life-changing experience of God’s real presence. It’s not just a feeling of wonder, but a personal meeting with God that truly rocks and changes us. It’s not something that just happens to one person, but something that the whole church and community can share.

2. How revival works

Revivals have happened in different places, like the Old North Dutch Reformed Church in Manhattan in 1857, all because of a prayer meeting led by J.C. Lanphier. Nowadays, churches can be split into two groups: those who long for a revival and those who are okay without one. But real revival, a quick and partial view of God’s greatness, can’t be controlled or scheduled. We should look forward to it with hope, but without assuming it will happen or ignoring its importance.

3. How to prepare for revival

Moses shows us that what matters most is a deep commitment to God, not just going through the motions or doing things for our own benefit. He set up a special tent for God and the Israelites gave up their false gods. Personal revival is key, starting with individuals who have met God and become role models for others. The goal is to let God’s greatness be clearly seen in our lives and in our church community.



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