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Prayer for the Church

Tim Keller |  June 14, 1998

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  • Prayer & Meditation
Ephesians 1:15-23
RS 302-02


Paul’s prayers for churches he wrote to are counterintuitive. Despite the hardships suffered by the earliy churches, Paul never prayed for alleviations of difficulties. Instead, he prayed that the church would know a deeper realization of God’s love.

Ephesians 1:15–23

In Ephesians 1:15-23, Paul’s prayer highlights the importance of recognizing the wealth we have in Christ, rather than paying too much attention to what is happening around us. This understanding can change how we see problems, making them easier to handle, and keeping us from getting too carried away during good times. To understand this better, we need to consider who has this spiritual wealth, what it includes, and how to use it.

1. Who has this great thing?

True Christianity is marked by faith and love, with belief in Jesus being the main point. Real faith should change the way we live, helping us avoid being judgmental and promoting growth in love and holiness. It’s also crucial to deal with any feelings of superiority, which come from insecurity, by learning to respect, be humble towards, and befriend people who are different from us.

2. What is this great thing?

God’s love, power, and calling are key points. We often look for these for comfort and forgiveness, but we sometimes forget about the strength and power they give us. The example of a child being adopted shows how easy it is to accept God’s love, and stresses the importance of understanding our divine calling and the hope that comes from being chosen. The idea of God’s wonderful inheritance, the church as His fullness, and the need for humility, respect, and hope when dealing with others, especially non-Christians, highlight the need to depend on God’s power in all parts of life.

3. How do we use it?

To truly understand and feel the power, inheritance, and hope that come from faith, we need more than just head knowledge; we need a deep understanding in our hearts. We can get this by praying for wisdom and insight, and thinking deeply about these truths, considering how they could change our lives. Realizing that Jesus prayed for us, even when he himself was rejected and weak, helps us experience the wealth of Christ and find our satisfaction in Him.




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