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Sarah and the Laugh

Tim Keller |  November 10, 1996

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  • Prophecy
Genesis 18:9-33
RS 272-08


Two times God appears to Abraham, but this time is utterly different than the last time. This time, God has come to get Sarah’s attention.

In Genesis 15, God speaks to Abraham in dread darkness as an unapproachable thing. Here, in Genesis 18, in the heat of the day and in the most approachable possible way, God has come not so much to talk to Abraham—he has come to talk to Sarah.

God is going to establish Sarah in his promise. We’ll look at 1) why, 2) how, and 3) what lessons we can draw out.

Genesis 18:1–15

When we look at movies and other forms of popular culture, we often see God depicted in a way that’s different from how He’s shown in the Bible. The story of Abraham in Genesis 18 shows this clearly. Despite Abraham and Sarah being old, God promises them a son who would bring hope to the world. This promise shows us that God’s promises are not just grand, but deeply personal and meaningful.

1. Why?

The story of Sarah and Abraham is a powerful example of how faith can lead to great changes, even when the odds seem impossible. They were old and had problems in their marriage, but they never lost their faith in God. This story reminds us not to measure our spiritual journey against others, but to marvel at the amazing things that faith can do. Their son, Isaac, symbolizes a shift from despair to hope. It’s a story that breaks societal expectations and shows us that strong faith in God can lead to wonderful outcomes.



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