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The Ultimate Argument

Tim Keller |  August 26, 2001

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  • The Bible
  • Understanding the Gospel
Matthew 11:2-6; 22:41-46
RS 133-5


Is there an ultimate argument for the truth of Christianity? In this sermon, we will look at three questions: 1) What is the ultimate argument for Christianity? 2) How does it work? 3) Where does it lead?

Matthew 11:2–6; 22:41–46

Jesus takes part in discussions and in the end asks a question so powerful that it leaves the Pharisees unable to respond. This question is a strong point in the case for Christianity, giving the chance to gain life-changing wisdom and certainty. Studying this point can help us understand Christianity better.

1. What is the ultimate argument?

The focus here is on who Jesus Christ is – the Messiah – and the significance of the title “Lord” as given by David. We question the societal need for proof, hinting that depending only on logical or factual evidence can limit us. A deep look into Jesus in the Bible can lead to a transformative understanding and certainty of his truth, showing him as the purpose of life, the ultimate argument, and a figure beyond doubt.

2. How does the ultimate argument work?

Just like progress in science is made through big changes in understanding, Jesus challenges and broadens our limited views about him, promoting thoughtful consideration over blind belief. The search for truth is primarily found by deeply understanding Jesus’ crucifixion. This journey calls for deep thought, interaction with the Bible, and a readiness to be challenged by Jesus’ teachings.

3. Where does the ultimate argument lead?

Real blessedness and spiritual satisfaction are only found when we accept Jesus, including parts that might offend us, rather than getting upset. The word “blessed” in the Bible signifies a deep level beyond just being happy, and it’s important to know that Jesus, in his true form, can offend every culture in some way. To find real satisfaction and progress through the kingdom, we must let Jesus be the ultimate argument and learn to preach the gospel to ourselves.



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