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The Cost of Mission

Tim Keller |  October 30, 1994

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  • Church Planting and Missions
Genesis 12:1-4
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The reality of meeting God changes you into a person of mission: one who is willing to leave what is comfortable in order to love and serve others. As you take risks to bless others, you will find yourself receiving not only the gifts and resources necessary to do so, but the greatest blessing of all – His presence in your life.

Genesis 12:1–4

When we truly see God’s greatness and purity, it changes us deeply. We become aware of our own mistakes and find a fresh purpose. This change highlights how important it is to help others and make sacrifices. Even though this can mean giving up some things, it also brings us happiness and a sense of purpose. Believing in God and feeling the Holy Spirit’s confirmation helps us realize we are God’s children. But this requires us to be brave, leave our comfort areas, and face the real world.



The Cost of Mission

By Tim Keller


By Tim Keller

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