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The Lord Praying for Mission

Tim Keller |  August 29, 1999

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John 17:13-21
RS 105-12

John 17:13–21

In John 17, Jesus prays for his followers to have complete joy, like having an entire well of water, not just a cup. This joy comes with a mission, a calling from God that’s essential to being a Christian. We’ll explore why this mission is necessary, its purpose, the balance it requires, and the power it gives Christians.

1. Why we need a mission

Jesus’ own joy came from his mission to die on the cross for us. If we only focus on our own happiness and comfort, we’ll end up feeling empty, even though our culture says we should focus on ourselves. Instead, when we care about something bigger than ourselves, we find meaning and satisfaction. This shows us that having a mission is important for a fulfilling life.

2. What the Christian mission is

The Christian mission, shown to us by Jesus, involves helping those in need and sharing the Christian faith. Christianity acknowledges that the world has problems, but believes in God’s love and His promise to fix them. To be a Christian means putting God’s mission first, living like Jesus did when he died on the cross, and working towards the goal of bringing about God’s kingdom.

3. The balance in the Christian mission

Jesus teaches us a crucial strategy for our mission: we need to both engage with the world and maintain our Christian identity. This balance, based on living a holy life, lets us truly connect with others without being influenced by worldly values. When we achieve this balance, we can help bring about real change and salvation.

4. The power for the Christian mission

Our mission is powered by knowing that God is in control, experiencing His presence, and following Jesus’ example. We’re called to be bold and make a difference, inspired by Jesus’ love and sacrifice, and our personal experiences with God. This journey asks us to step out of our comfort zones, risk everything, and connect with others, because that’s the only way to truly know God and live life to the fullest.




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